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UV integrator

UV-MICRO PUCK Integrator

+ wireless sensor unit
+ UV Dose mJ/cm 2
+ available in 5 different UV-spectral areas
+ 2 display ranges for low / high energy
+ sensor unit in different shapes and sizes

The UV-MICRO PUCK Integrator is a high quality UV-measuring system used to measure the UV-does in hard accessible areas of UV-curing units. With its detachable wireless sensor unit it is specially practicable to be used in narrow WEB -Presses, in Label Printing machines as well as for UV -3D Measuring of 3D objects.

In its standard version the UV-Micro Puck is measuring the area of: UV 230-410 nm

The UV-MICRO PUCK Integrator is available in up to five different UV-spectral ranges. This fact makes it possible to chose the UV-Micro Puck to fit the required measuring situation best. After the measuring cycle the sensor unit is connected to the hand unit for the read out of the UV-dose in mJ/cm2. Upon read-out, the measuring value is stored automatically in the hand unit and dcan be called up any time as long as it is not overwritten by storing a new measuring result.
After read-out, the measuring value keeps also stored in the UV-sensor unit. The sensor internal lstoring of the measuring value enables additive measurings.
Reset of the sensor unit to zero is made by connecting to the base unit and pressing the ” Reset ” button of the hand unit. This is possible with the hand unit turned on or off. The display range can be changed to read low and high UV-energy values.
The UV-MICRO PUCK measuirng system consists of:
1. the hand unit with the electronics and display
2. the UV-sensor unit with sensor opening and plug.

The UV-MICRO PUCK Integrator is available in five different UV-spectral areas:

Item 4.1.1. UV-Micro Puck, Type 1 UV
Item 4.1.2. UV-Micro Puck, Type 2 UV-A
Item 4.1.3. UV-Micro Puck, Type 3 UV-B
Item 4.1.4. UV-Micro Puck, Type 4 UV-C
Item 4.1.5. UV-Micro Puck, Type 5 UV-V
230 -410 nm
315 -410 nm
280 -315 nm
230 -280 nm
350 -460 nm

UV-Micro Puck

While on the conveyor belt, the UV-Sensor Unit of the UV-Micro Puck Integrator can withstand max. 230 F / 110 C up to 10 seconds. Because of uneven radiation distribution of the UV light source and different type of construction of the measuring devices by different manufacturers, different reading may appear under the same measurement conditions.


In order to keep its full function and precision it is recommended to have re-calibration done once per year. Re-calibration will also be necessary after change of battery. PTB traceable calibration with certificate

Warranty: 2 years from the date of purchase