UV Lamps

UV Lamps

TAS UV Curing Co., Ltd. Manufacturers an extensive line of standard and
custom design medium pressure Mercury lamps ,additive lamp as Gallium ,Iron, capillary lamp and the electrodeless lamp. Standard catalog lamp are available in 80 W/cm (200W/inch) , 120 W/cm(300W/inch), and more than 260W/cm(600W/inch) ratings and arc lengths from 50mm–3,000mm.
Custom designed lamps in special ratings and sizes are available.

TAS UV Curing lamps are available for:

Atek , Amba, American UV, AAA Press, Amjo, Adnos ,Abbess, Aradiant , Aquatron, Argon, Argus, Abbess, Brewer, Barberan, Burgess, C-Sun, Colight, Convect, Cefla, Comco, Colordry, Chambon, Ciardina, Dainippon Screen, Dubuit , Drymax, Dupont, Dubois, Eltosch, ESC Amerika, Fusion UV, Guanyinn, Gallus, Giardina, GS (Japan storage battery), GEW, GAF, Grace, Gyrex,Hanky, Hanovia, Honle, Hackemack, Hi-Tek, IST, Idealquartz, Iwasaki (EYE), Kammann, Kopack, Kass, Kelleigh, Koch, Lesco, M-2, Mark Andy, Moss, Mimir, Matrex, Nuarc, Napp, Natgraph, Nipeter, Nordson,ORC, Olec, Onda, OMSO, OAC, Ozalid, Optical Radiation, Online Energy, Primarc, Panasonic (NIAS), Phillips, Prime, Singulus, SPE, Steinemann, SPS, Sanki, Schneider, Spectral, Svecia, Superfici, Sylvania,SIAS, Tape Matic , Toshiba, Theimer, Thieme, Tamarack, Uvex, Ushio,UV light (Taiwan), UTE, Ultralight AG, UV Tech, Uvitrano Ag, UV Technology, Vandam, Voltrac (UV LUX), Wallace Knight, Western Quartz Product, W.R. Grace,

UV Lamp life

The medium pressure mercury arc lamps do not typically deteriorate suddenly. Rather the UV output declines gradually, as the UV transparency of the quartz tube body deteriorates. The quartz changes from optically clear quartz to opaque quartz, thus filtering out all useful UV. The rate of decline depending on a number of factors, including the switching frequency of the lamp, UV lamp and electrode cooling efficiency, accurately matched with UV Ballast and control,
and the cleanliness of the lamp surface.
Since the lamp may operated electrically for many thousands of hours after it ceases to emit adequate UV light , The lamp life is measured in hours of useful UV output rather than electrical of lamp life.
When used correctly, TAS UV Lamps will provide 1,000 hours of useful life.
All TAS UV Lamps are warranted against manufacturing defects.