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Protable UV Lamp Model: TAS 150 D

TAS 150 D Portable UV Lamp is a convenient portable UV hand lamp designed for the product which can not be placed in the UV over or UV light move free to the area to be cured. TAS 150 D is good for the UV curing application such as adhesive , sealing , potting , on glass furniture , and lacquer coating for car repair floor repair

Input voltage
2200240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Lamp Power
150 W
UV Intensity
Greater than 80 m W/cm (UVA)
The peak wavelengt
365 nm
Life time
800 hour
Warm up time
5 minutes
Dimensional outlines
W 130 mm H180 mm L207 mm
5 kg.
Spare Lamp
TAS 150 D
Radiat Spectral Distribution: