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Magnetic Ballast

TAS UV Curing offers highes quality ballast and capacitor (UV Curing Lamps Supply), ballast transformers are used to initiate and control the arc in mercury and metal additive curing lamps. Ballast provide an instantaneous high voltage to strike the elements within a mercury vapor lamp, creating a plasma that, once initiated, is sustained by the ballast. Total wattages up to 50 kilowatts can be designed. Our constant wattage ballast consists of a transformer, capacitors and ignitor. The advantage of a constant wattage ballast is that it allows for wide Variations in input voltage to affect output wattage by only a few percent. These range can be customized to meet your applications requirements. Typical designs have an output variation of only+/-3% with an input voltage

Contant wattage is accomplished by a resonant tank circuit in which the lamp winding is in a controlled magnetic saturation with AC capacitors, such that voltage swings on the input side have a very small impact on lamp current. An interesting
feature is that these current limiting capacitors can be switched in and of the circuit to provide various lamp power levels.

Ballasts are availble in 50,60 or combination of 50/60 hertz. Typically, input power factor is better than ninety (90%) percent at nominal input voltage. Ballasts are constructed using silicon grain oriented steel, UL rated copper wire, UL Class “H” insulation system and impregnated with a unique epoxy varnish for maximum thermal transfer