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Electrodeless lamps
TAS UV Lamps electrodeless microwave powered are manufactured with highest quality of material and ultra-purity argon gas 99.9999% with some special gas for longer life, drop with mercury just call “H” Bulb , drop with iron iodine just call “D” Bulb, drop with gallium iodine just call “V”

The microwave energy from a pair of magnetrons is beamed into the cavity formed by the aluminum lamp reflector and a screen over the bottom of the reflector. The lamp bulb is located inside this chamber. The screen keeps microwaves inside the chamber but allows UV light to pass out onto the material to be cured. When the magnetrons
energize create the microwave energy to the electrodeless lamp, which ionizes the gas inside of electrodeless lamp. The lamp then reaches full power within a few seconds, producing the spectral output required for curing. The lamp can on and off without shutter and short period time to warm up. TAS electrodeless lamps are available in 6 inch and 10 inch size and vary in power from 300W/inch to 600W/inch. The standard microwave bulb has mercury drop. However , as with TAS electrodeless lamp , We can modify the spectrial by addition of special chemical salt .

Warranted lamp bulb
Standard mercury bulbs are guaranteed for 3,000 hours of operation on a non-prorated basis. If a bulb fails prior to 3,000 hours, a new one is pro-vide free of charge.

The new lamp mercury modify to used prior to 6,000 hours are available, Please contact us for special order.

The special bulb fill ( iron drop, gallium drop) are guaranteed for lesser operating lifetimes , depending on the nature of the fill of chemical salt. Please contact us for Warranted lamp bulb hours.